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tiffany 소녀시대

Stephanie Hwang (Korean name: Hwang Mi-young; Hangul: 황미영; Hanja: 黃美英; born August 1, 1989), best known as Tiffany, is a Korean American singer and dancer of the South Korean girl group Girls' Generation.

Early life

Tiffany was born in California, and grew up in Diamond Bar as the youngest of three siblings. She auditioned at the SM Entertainment[2][3][citation needed] Although Tiffany graduated from Korea Kent Foreign School on April 2007, she had attended primary and secondary schools in California - South Pointe Middle School (US) and Diamond Bar High School (US). Tiffany speaks both English and Korean fluently and conversational Japanese. She was trained for 3 years and 7 months in SM Entertainment. Starlight Casting System and joined the company on October 2004 in Los Angeles.


Girls' Generation

Solo singing career

In 2008, she released two singles with co-members of Girl's Generation JessicaSeohyun — the first called "Oppa Nappa" ("오빠 나빠", "Bad Older Brother")[4] and the second titled "Mabinogi (It's Fantastic!)", a theme song for a video game.[5] and
Tiffany has also participated in the OST of SBS drama Jamyeonggo with the song By Myself 나 혼자서),[6][7] and was featured in a duet with K.Will in A Girl, Meets Love (소녀, 사랑을 만나다).[8]
She was also featured in Oh! My Love to You (너만을 느끼며) by The Blue, alongside bandmate Sooyoung.[9]
She also sang the song for Caribbean Bay with her fellow members Taeyeon, Seohyun, Jessica and Yuri and with boy group 2PM.
In addition, Tiffany was featured in the Korea Tourism Organization's promote tourism to South Korea campaign drama Haru soundtrack, in which she sang the song "Banji" ("Ring", Hangul: "반지").[10]

Show hosting career

Apart from all her solo works, Tiffany was the co-host of Mnet's Sonyeon Sonyeo Gayo Baekseo (Korean: 소년소녀 가요백서), along with Kim Hyesung from November 5, 2007 to June 13, 2008.[11] Tiffany, along with other Girls' Generation member Kwon Yuri, was an MC on MBC's Show! Music Core, leaving after a farewell on July 31, 2010 to focus on SNSD's Japan debut.[12][13]
On December 25, 2010, she was also a host MC for Christmas Show! Music Core along side SNSD's Yuri. She was an MC for the 2010 SBS Gayo Daejeon award ceremony which was held on December 31 at the MBC Dream Center with Yuri & actor Ryu Si Won.[14] She was also the MC for the 50th Anniversary Music Wave Concert which was held on March 12th, 2011 together with Yuri & Nichkhun.

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